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  • How long could you survive in space without a suit?

    Category: Quizzes

    How long could you survive in space without a suit?

    Contrary to popular belief or what is sometimes shown in the movies, humans do NOT explode in space. NASA did extensive research on rapid decompression in the 50s and 60s. A human will typically lose consciousness after about 15 seconds of exposure, and would be expected to die after a maximum of 90.

    So, how long could I survive?

  • Body Power Output Computer
  • How addicted to Google+ are you?

    Category: Quizzes

    How addicted to Google+ are you?

    Do you love adding friends and family to your circles? Do you +1 everything you can lay hands on? Do you spend hours in Google+ hangouts? You may have an addiction.

    Prove it!

  • The Hearing Age Evaluator

    Category: Games

    The Hearing Age Evaluator

    Just a quick test to determine your Hearing Age, your age according to your ability to hear high-frequency sounds. Work yourself through the different frequency levels and set your limit to the last one that is still audible to you.

    Test my Hearing Age!


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