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  • App: Which song was Number One the day you were born?

    Category: Stuff

    App: Which song was Number One the day you were born?

    This is a great little application that lets you compare your date of birth to the Billboard Hot 100 Charts running since 1958. What song was playing across the country and the world on the day you were born?

    Let's have a look.

  • How long could you survive buried alive in a coffin?
  • How addicted to Google+ are you?

    Category: Quizzes

    How addicted to Google+ are you?

    Do you love adding friends and family to your circles? Do you +1 everything you can lay hands on? Do you spend hours in Google+ hangouts? You may have an addiction.

    Prove it!

  • Body Power Output Computer

    Category: Games

    Body Power Output Computer

    The human body is a capable power generator in itself. See here how much energy is being pumped through your blood vessels.



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