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Frequencies are most commonly measured in Hertz (Hz), where 1 Hz is equal to one cycle wave per second. For humans, the audible range of frequencies is usually said to be between 20 Hz and 20 kHz (20,000 Hz). However, there is considerable variation between individuals - especially at the high frequency end, which is also affected by a gradual decline with age.

The following is a quick test to determine your Hearing Age, your age according to your ability to hear high-frequency sounds. Work yourself through the different frequency levels and set your limit to the last one that is still audible to you. You may want to turn down the volume of your loudspeakers or headphones before you start.

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  • How long could you survive in space without a suit?

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    How long could you survive in space without a suit?

    Contrary to popular belief or what is sometimes shown in the movies, humans do NOT explode in space. NASA did extensive research on rapid decompression in the 50s and 60s. A human will typically lose consciousness after about 15 seconds of exposure, and would be expected to die after a maximum of 90.

    So, how long could I survive?

  • How many hipsters could you roll over with a giant steamroller?
  • How long could you survive buried alive in a coffin?

    Category: Quizzes

    How long could you survive buried alive in a coffin?

    You might be able to survive for 3 hours or so, maybe a little longer if you could stay calm enough to keep your breathing slow and not use up the available oxygen too fast. Of course as the oxygen levels get lower, your heartrate would go up in an effort to get more oxygen to the body, which would, in turn, speed up your breathing causing the air to run out faster.

    Okay, but how long exactly could I survive?

  • How addicted to Twitter are you?

    Category: Quizzes

    How addicted to Twitter are you?

    Ever found yourself tweeting while using the restroom? Is everything you say said in 140 characters or less? Looks like you might be addicted to twitter.

    But HOW addicted am I?


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